If you’re looking for an experienced journalist to write magazine articles, essays and website content, a professional communicator to draft marketing materials, or someone to catch and fix copy errors, I’m your one-stop shop! Most importantly, I am reliable, easy to work with, and offer very flexible, competitive rates. 
Freelance Writing   
I understand the importance of deadlines, word count, sticking to assignment specifications and communicating with editors. Versatile and efficient, I’m able to create features, profiles, service pieces and essays that are not only thoroughly researched and reported, but also interesting, creative and concise – on time, every time! Once you give me an assignment, you can expect original, relevant and compelling stories that will both engage and enlighten your readership.   
Corporate Writing   
Whether you need a feature article for your company magazine, a press release or blog post, website or brochure copy, look no further! I will study your existing materials, listen carefully to your needs and expectations, offer suggestions and get to work. I can deliver clear, concise and on-target content in a timely, professional manner, and will always make sure you are completely delighted with the outcome.   
Copyediting and Proofreading   
Why waste precious time worrying about your spelling or grammar when I can do it for you? Allow me to meticulously comb through your creative or collateral materials in search of dangling participles, run-on sentences and misplaced modifiers. Rest assured that your copy will come out clean and correct every time!   
In addition to freelance, I am also open to full or part-time work, specifically writing, editing and copywriting opportunities that allow me to use my talents to the fullest!